Short Rows Unraveled

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Short Rows Unraveled

Instructor: Winn Archambeau-Muñoz

Tuesday, August 13th; 1:30pm-4:30pm

Short rows can be found in so many patterns from shawls to wraps, shoulder shapings to socks, and more. Wrap and turn is the method that usually is requested in the pattern, but there are several other methods that I think are easier to knit up and are nearly invisible from both sides (which is important for shawls or cowls).

In this class we will learn the German Short row method. Other techniques will be demonstrated, and we will learn how to translate the wrap and turn method into a much easier technique. We will make two or three samples that apply the German short row method:

  • A basic example of short rows in knitting and purling
  • A hemisphere that can turn into a pincushion
  • A Swing pattern

Leave the class ready to incorporate German short rows into your future knitting projects. A free Swing pattern will allow you to practice this great technique or you can bring your own pattern using short rows.

Level: must be able to knit and purl.

Tools: worsted weight yarn, which is best for practicing, along with appropriate size needles (US size 7 or 8), regular knitting supplies, a crochet hook, curved tapestry needle, stitch markers – pin variety and slip on kind, and regular knitting supplies.

Homework: None

Note: 10% off materials and supplies for class

Cost: $35 single session

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