The Benefits of Knitting – Why I Love Knitting!

Ask any knitter and you will find there are many reasons why we knit. I love the diversity of knitters. Of course, there is the obvious one that you can make something. This gives me a feeling of accomplishment. Knitting while sitting in the doctor’s office, watching TV, or going on a long car trip allows me to feel productive and have something to show for just sitting.

According to Health Fitness Revolution, “Knitting is a dynamic activity where each decision is orchestrated to bring life to what you visualize your final product to look like. Doing so stimulates your motor cortex, frontal and occipital lobes. Together it strengthens your mind and slows down cognitive impairment.”

So, translation: Not only does knitting strengthen our minds and brains, but it keeps our fingers and hands nimble and in shape allowing us to help stave off dementia, arthritis, and tendonitis. I am for that!

Picking up my needles along with the repetitive motions of the knitting process is soothing and relaxing. Concentrating on the project at hand allows my cares to recede for a while. Add to that the company of like-minded knitters and you have a super fun relaxing time.

Let’s Get Started Series

You have just figured out the basics of knitting and purling. So where do you go from there?

Beyond The Basics Series

You know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off and knit in the round, let’s go where you have never gone before!

Projects And More Series

Let’s use your new knitting skills to relax and to make something fun! Join any of our amazing project classes!


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